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We talked about Timisoara, inclusion and diversity in cultural activities, about accessibility, about what we have done and what others do to promote inclusive cultural tourism with guests from Timișoara, Bucharest, Constanța, Brussels, Athens, and Stockholm.

From the extended project team, we learned about the tactile exhibition "Feel The City" - an event where technology, "the machine," and the artistic creativity of the visual artist combine and communicate about Timișoara, its heritage, and symbols. We also learned about how the Audara accessibility audit app helped us create tools for promoting tourism, and how we contribute to the development of accessible cultural tourism locally and regionally.

We spoke about Timișoara in the year of the Capital, learned from the Water Museum about being a welcoming host for everyone, and from the seaside, from Constanța, a guide with extensive experience working with diverse groups of tourists from cruise ships, shared stories and experiences .

We discussed with senior experts of the European Centre for Resources in Accessibility, AccessibleEU - an organization established this year by the European Commission - and representatives of the European Network for Accessible Tourism - ENAT, about the extensive experiences of various European countries regarding accessibility and how this concept was introduced and promoted in education, training, and practice. An Italian-Belgian specialist in inclusive communication in tourism gave us some ideas about how we should promote a tourism product.

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